Terms of Service

During the Term of this Agreement, Tiny Digital will provide management of Facebook Ads that will run live on Facebook for one week.

Ad management will be provided for free and consists of (but is not limited to):

  • Ad design
  • Website/landing page design
  • Offer creation (in agreement with Client)
  • Email series creation
  • Retargeting

These will be performed as deemed necessary and at the discretion of Tiny Digital.

You as the Client will provide all necessary materials for the creation of the adverts, such as photographs of you and your business.

As the Client you assume the cost of the ad spend directly with Facebook.

Client will openly share the results of running the ads with Tiny Digital, including numbers of patients gained and revenue generated.

The Agreement will terminate after one week of a Facebook Ad running for Client.

Tiny Digital will not be held liable for any loss, damage or delay of the project whatsoever.

Results are not guaranteed and any numbers or images provided are intended purely as examples.

Each party to this contract is an independent contractor and no partnership, joint venture, employment or other relationship is intended.

Tiny Digital may terminate the Agreement at any time.

Client may terminate the Agreement at any point before the ads go live.