Step by Step


Rather than try to convince you of how brilliant we are, we thought we'd write down the process we follow with the aim that our transparency will overcome any objections you may have about becoming a client.

The Short Version

The Aim

Everything we do is to generate more and/or better clients for you (and prove it).

We do that by making your website give the search engine algorithm what it's looking for so people searching for your services can find it, then we track the results.

The Process

  • Audit and optimise your site
  • Set up phone and form tracking
  • Build links to your website
  • Repeat to maintain results

The full version that follows outlines this process in more detail and shows the results and reactions of existing clients, as well as example documents from projects.

The Results

Our service makes sure that the people searching for your services online can find you every time.

The advantages of this are:

  • More clients - because these people are already searching for your services they are your best prospects, so getting in front of more of them leads directly to increasing your sales.
  • Better clients - even if you’re not looking to grow your capacity, more enquiries means you can pick and choose your clients.
  • Cost-effective ROI - spending your marketing budget on reaching the people who are already searching for your services means you acquire customers cheaper than using outbound or traditional advertising methods.
  • More referrals - more people finding out about you means more people to spread the word.
  • Independence and scalability - not relying purely on referrals gives you greater control of your business and the ability to grow if you want to.
  • Return on investment - We track phone calls and form submissions from the site to give you quantifiable results.
  • Increased brand awareness - your name becomes associated with the search terms people use for their industry.
  • Quicker sales cycles - authority positioning and increased brand awareness help people trust you so they are willing to become clients more quickly.

The Full Version

All images come from real projects where possible, so please forgive any blurriness used to maintain client confidentiality and protect digital assets.

Plan and Prepare

Set up Gmail and Proxy Server

First we setup a Gmail account in your company name ([email protected]) to centralise everything we do so you can get access at any point. This is used as a profile in Chrome which is assigned a proxy that's local to you, so everything we do appears to be happening from your immediate vicinity.

Client's Gmail account

Get Information and Access

You’ll be sent a short questionnaire that we'll need you to fill in asap so we can get complete access to your entire online presence - website, hosting, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adwords data and social media accounts.

We'll also need a few other details, such as your full price range and a unique description of your business.

Setup Google Analytics and Search Console

If not already done we'll set up Google Analytics and Search Console to track how Google views your site and how people use it.

Client's Google Analytics account

Audit Your Website

We manually check your website, Google My Business listing and backlinks with the aid of a number of specialist tools including Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Ahrefs.

Then we write a report on every detail.

This includes too many details to go into here, from looking for title tags that are too many pixels wide to comparing your backlinks with those held by your top 4 competitors.

You can see an example audit report here.

Example SEO Audit report

Set up Your Project Management Sheet

We set out a step by step plan and assign each step to a member of the team as we progress. On it we record the start date, completion date and the current status of each step in real time.

This is the epicentre of the whole project - all information about your project will be stored here and you'll be given 24/7 access so everything will be completely transparent.

You can see an example of a project management sheet here.

SEO Google Drive Project Tracking document

Set Up Call and Conversion Tracking

Each location gets a dedicated phone number to appear on your website and Google My Business listing so we can track every phone call generated by your online presence.

Call tracking chart

We also track form submissions and use Google Analytics to count them both, so you can see exactly what results you are getting from our efforts.

Tracked conversions from Google Analytics

Create a Plan for Content to Target Keywords

We'll perform detailed keyword research to find out what people are searching for to create new (or supplement existing) content for your site. We use this to decide on the topic of pages, plan the structure they'll be added into and write URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and heading tags for each of them.

Architecture keyword research

Then we hand this information along with instructions to write at least 200-500 words more than your top ranking competitor to one of our writers.

Audit Your Citations

We see what citations you have around the web to make sure you are listed on the most important sites and that your listings are consistent and correct.

Then we reverse-engineer the citations that your competitors have and add them to a list alongside any foundational, national, industry-related and regional directory sites that you aren't listed in.

Local SEO citation creation tracking

Optimise Your Online Presence

Optimise and Connect Your Social Media

Any missing profiles on social media and blogging platforms will be created under your brand. Any profiles you already have will be optimised, meaning all relevant details filled out thoroughly, accurately and consistently.

Once your social presence is established we connect it all together so it can be controlled via a single WordPress blog or scheduling app such as HootSuite.

Social syndication network

Optimise Your Google My Business Listing

We optimise your maps listing by uploading 20-30 photos optimised with your NAP, keywords and GPS coordinates in the metadata, set up your website to ‘talk’ to your Maps listing and implement JSON-LD schema.

Inserting image metadata

Optimise Your Website

Now your audit needs implementing.

This varies from site to site, but at a minimum it will usually include:

  • Fixing any errors in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Optimising the structure of your site
  • Site interlinking optimisation
  • Rewriting your URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and heading tags
  • Re-writing and/or adding to content
  • Adding any additional pages we had written
  • Adding pages to support your Google My Business listing.
  • Adding heading tags, outbound links and relevant YouTube videos
  • Optimising and adding images
  • Implementing advanced schema markup code
  • Reducing load speed

Build Links

Build Diversification Links

We regularly create and share content across the web to build and maintain a foundation of links from authoritative sharing websites.

Build Authority Links

To get to the top of Google, you need links from websites that have authority (ie that have links themselves). There are two ways to do this:

Network Links

We build and maintain a network of relevant websites so we can guarantee our clients links that will help them reach potential clients. We also have key partners that we trust to provide us with these links as necessary.

Content Marketing

We consult on content for you to create, then systemise reaching out to other website owners that might want to link to it or have it as a guest post on their website.

We don't create content for this. Our expertise is in the actual SEO and outreach, but we can put you in touch with content creators that we are happy to work with.

Honestly, this process could add another 2000+ words to this and we want to keep it simple. Let us know if you'd like more specifics.

Report and Communicate

Project Management Document

You get 24/7 access to the Project Management Document. You can see everything as it’s updated in real time. You can see an example document here.

Search Engine Marketing project management doucment

Monthly Video or Written Report

A personal video or written report at the end of the billing month focusing on KPIs of conversions, impressions and clicks for the previous calendar month as well as talking through the campaign.

SEM monthly video report

Monthly Automated Reports

As the project progresses we will transition to providing automated reports detailing the KPIs, along with written notes about the month's performance. This is usually around the 6 month mark, depending on the project.

Monthly automated conversion and traffic report

Monthly In-Person, Skype or Phone Meeting

We'd be happy to discuss your project with you in person. Wednesdays are our consulting day, but we do request that appointments are booked in advance.

Unlimited Email Access

Email us night or day and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


What results can you show me?

We have demonstrable results from a range of industries.


Architect Marketing

We increased enquiries for a local architect inside a month of starting the project…

Email from happy seo client

…and left their Google My Business listing consistently generating additional website visits and direct phone calls.

Insights from client's Google My Business

Outperforming Local SEO Competitors

We took our local SEO site from a brand new site to #2 in 3 months and #1 in 6 months for 'seo agency newcastle' and similar local search terms, generating enquiries from £multi-million businesses to small web design partnerships.

seo agency keyword search console results

National Business Finance

We operate in a very competitive, national financial market in Canada, where our process increased our client's impressions by 286.2%, clicks by 112.6%...

… and conversions by 228.57% in just 3 months:

Increased organic conversions

Our process has moved them from page 2 to the top #1-5 (and climbing) for a number of highly valuable, national and competitive terms:

  • merchant cash advance
  • merchant loans advance
  • unsecured business loans canada
  • bad credit business loans

Though this client was happy before we even reached that:

Email from happy finance sem client

And one of the partnership has taken us on for an additional project.

Legal Industry

We consistently generate leads that convert to sales for legal services in London, in this case for a notary public:

Lead generated for a legal service

Holiday Let Web Design and PPC

We've been taken on for additional work by a partner of the financial company mentioned above. This was to design a website that you can see at and a PPC campaign that’s been bringing in a steady stream of bookings ever since, as the booking widget on the site will confirm.

Conversions from holiday home search marketing

Ecommerce Web Design & SEO

We redesigned a niche ecommerce website that sold four variations of a single product and took it from £0 to £1,000-£1,500/month revenue in 2 months. The owner has since sold out, sold up and moved to Fuerteventura.

Ecommerce search marketing sales

Other projects

We have generated leads for local roofing contractors:

Leads generated from roofing search marketing

Benjamin took 10 minutes to try an experiment that made him officially the 'best marketing guy in the universe':

Hobby SEO project

How much will it cost?

There is no one answer to this - we price on a per-project basis to make sure we can get results depending on the location(s) and specialisation(s) you want to target.However, if you don't have a budget of at least $750/month we are unlikely to be able to get results for you.

Audit: $750

Setup Fee: $750 - $10,000+

Retainer: $750 - $10,000+

How long will it take to get results?

It typically takes 6 months to see results.

However, a thorough SEO campaign to expand a business can and should go on for many years. Here’s an example of what Houzz's campaign looks like from the last 6+ years:

Houzz all time organic traffic

We don't want/need all of this, can you change it?

We can tailor our services to the needs of your business, though if it’s mentioned here it serves a specific purpose and we won't provide services that we don’t think are up to the task.

Our services can be roughly grouped into:

  • Site Audit
  • Organic Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Site Optimisation
  • Link Building

We’d be happy to advise on the best option for your business.

Do you offer PPC?

We do run PPC for some clients as combining it with SEO can be beneficial.

Do you do social media management?

No, we use social media purely for SEO purposes.

How long is the agreement?

We ask for a 6 month commitment to give time to demonstrate results. Then we’ll revert to a rolling monthly agreement that you can cancel on 30 days notice.


If you're interested and would like to talk to us about implementing this, you can book an appointment here.

If you would like more information, please let us know.

Thank you for your time!

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