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Freelance White Hat Outreach Link Building Service

Grow Traffic, Build Relationships and Increase Sales

I'm going to show you exactly how to build links at scale in the hope that my transparency will overcome any objections you may have about becoming a client. Everything I show you will:

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    Grow your targeted organic traffic and increase brand awareness through improved search engine rankings.
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    Get referral traffic from links built on relevant websites that already have your audience.
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    Keep your online revenue safe forever because Google will love the links you build and never penalise you.
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    Build relationships with people in and around your industry. 

All you have to do is keep reading...

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What clients are saying...

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What You Get

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    Content Management and Guidance
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    Approach 200 targets/month for 10-20+ high quality links every month.
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    No Contract - rolling monthly agreement.
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    Monthly Reporting - traffic and impressions as key performance indicators.
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    Monthly Appointment - Wednesdays between 12noon and 8pm GMT.

The Process

How to Build White Hat Links at Scale

All images are from real projects so please forgive any blurriness used to protect client identities and online assets.

Create Project Management Document

This is the epicentre of your link building project that you have 24/7 access to. It will be pretty empty to start with, but I'll need it ready to store some passwords and basic information.

You can see the template I'll create your link building project management document from here.

Link building project management document

Create a Personal Gmail Account

Client's Gmail account

I'll set up a Gmail account using your name and industry, so something like:


This makes a big difference when reaching out to people. They want to make connections with real people who have knowledge that can add value for them and their audience, not guys building links for SEO.

Get Information About Your Business

You’ll be sent a short questionnaire asking a few basic questions like:

  • Do you have someone to create content on staff or freelance writers you work with?
  • Are you willing to get content created?
  • Do you have additional budget for sponsored posts?
  • Do you have existing distribution channels built out?
Link building client onboarding questionnairre

Access or Setup Google Analytics and Search Console

Client's Google Analytics account

If not already done I'll set up Google Analytics and Search Console to track how Google views your site and how people use it.

Analyse Your Content and Backlinks Profile

Building links all comes down to adding value, usually with great content. I'll take a look at your website and existing content to answer a few basic questions:

  • What is already there to work with?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Are you creating linkable content?
  • Are you getting social shares?
  • Are you already getting links?

Then I'll take a look at the links pointing to your site to make sure you haven't got anything spammy or unnatural that might need special measures.

backlink quality analysis in ahrefs

Find Industry Specialist Writers

Outreach email to freelance writer

I don't create content, but I will need to manage content creation as it determines the success of the link building campaign. You can do this in-house or I can manage some freelance writers as part of our process and expense them to you.

If you don't have any writers to work with, I'll find some writers with knowledge of your industry from my own pool of writers, freelancer websites or industry blogs to have on hand ready for when we need content created.

Manually Search for Link Opportunities

I systemise finding sites we could potentially get a link from by using a range of advanced Google search operators. They are written to target the various footprints associated with the different types of link that we're going after.

You can see an example of the Google search operators here.

Advanced Google search operators

Reach Out and Follow Up With Prospects

Outreach email to link prospect

I reach out with a personal email to the prospect to show them your content or pitch some content for their website.

I'll also follow up and even get on the phone if needed.

Get Content Written and Accepted

Once I get a response I'll  send you the information you need to do get content written in-house or I'll coordinate it with one of the writers I selected previously.

This includes sending the content over and dealing with any necessary edits before it goes live.

Editor accepting written content

Confirm Link is Live and Repeat

Client's Google Analytics account

The link will be added to your project management document and confirmed when it's live, then we start all over again!


How Many Links Will I Get?

This depends entirely on your willingness to create high quality content. Depending on this I generally see a 10-20% conversion rate, so approaching 200 targets results in 10-20 links. However, this can go a lot higher. 

How Much Does It Cost?

My services start at £1,000/month for 200 targets.

You will need additional budget for content creation and a budget for sponsored posts is highly recommended. In some industries such as finance this is essential.

Will You Create Content?

No, for two reasons:

  1. My time is better spent finding and negotiating links.
  2. Getting content direct from creators will mean it's better value meaning more higher quality content to work with. This makes getting links much easier.

How Long is the Agreement?

The agreement is on a rolling monthly basis so you aren't tied in to anything.

How Long Will it Take to Get Results?

It typically takes three to six months to start to see the benefit of link building, though link building should really be performed for the lifetime of a business. 

Will You Optimise and/or Maintain Our Website?

We no longer perform on-site tasks so we are better able to focus on building links. We do have people we can recommend if this is something you are in need of.

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