Website Creation with Built In Search Engine Marketing

Promote Your Business Website from the Start

To promote your business, your company web design needs to be impressive while representing who you are and what you do. Tiny Digital can create a modern, eye-catching website for your business.

Optimised web creations

But that’s not all.

The most impressive, eye-catching design in the world won’t do you any good if no one can find it.

That’s why Tiny Digital can create a website for you with built in SEO optimisation. Most web designers focus on beauty and functionality. Tiny Digital incorporates that and adds visibility, as well.

Web Ranking Site Design with On Site SEO

There are a lot of ‘under the hood’ details of a website that search engines look at to judge whether it’s worth displaying in search results. If you ever want your website to rank, their optimisation is vital so you can promote and grow your business online.

Get Your Site Designed by A Marketer

Websites are the ultimate marketing tool. It’s nice for them to look impressive, but it’s much more important for them to create customers for a business. There are thousands of web designers to choose from. Tiny Digital's websites are different because they are optimised to be visible to web traffic, then to turn that traffic into leads for your business.

Conversion Optimised Site Layout

Web Design Optimisation

Tiny Digital’s websites are designed to funnel visitors into making contact with you. There are numerous design ‘tricks’ that relate to people’s natural progression through a website that we incorporate so your website generates the maximum amount of business for you that it can.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Searches are increasingly done on mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets. For some search terms, over 60% are performed on mobile devices. In 2015 Google changed their algorithm so that websites that don’t change size to fit on a smaller screen won’t be displayed in search results performed from such a device. Tiny Digital’s websites are designed to be mobile responsive and make sure you get maximum visibility from your keywords.

Site Load Speed

It’s said that the average human surfing the internet has an attention span shorter than a goldfish. If your site doesn’t load quickly, you’re going to lose them. Google knows this and will also favour quick-loading websites in search results. Tiny Digital’s websites are created to be lightning fast for maximum visibility and maximum web traffic.

You can find out more about web design here.

Choosing a Web Design

It's important to choose the right colours and layout for your business and, more importantly, your customers.

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