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How I Can Help Your Business with Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Service for the North East

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – SEO is effective for restaurants, plumbers, architects, ecommerce, shops, solicitors – anything you can think of, really. People search for everything online in all sorts of different ways, so there are multiple opportunities for your business to be found. We specialise in providing the best SEO Newcastle has to offer.

Grow Your Business

Effective online marketing means customers coming straight to you. Not spending time chasing customers means you can focus your energy on doing what you do well to improve and grow your business, rather than putting so much energy into keeping it ticking over.

Beat the Competition

On the other hand, ineffective online marketing drives people straight to your competitors who have a better online presence. If you aren’t investing in search engine marketing, you’re not just leaving money on the table – you’re passing it to the competition.

Reclaim Your Freedom

Spend your time concentrating on what took you into business in the first place. Focus on doing what you do best and claim the financial freedom that you know your business is capable of giving you. Maybe you could even get that new car or treat yourself to a holiday.

How SEO Grows Businesses

Step 1. Get Found in Search Results

If your website isn’t ranking on page one of Google or other search engines, people searching for your products or services are much more likely to go to your competition. 91.7% of people never go past page one and most of those trust the organic listings over PPC adverts and the Google Map Pack. Just think about your own search habits.

Step 2. Increase Search Traffic

Along with carefully written encouragement in the right place, being visible online means more people will click through to your website. And not just any people, but people who are actively seeking what you provide. That means a regular stream of potential customers with an incentive to buy spending time on your website.

Step 3. Optimise Conversion Rate

Once you have people looking at your website, you need your website to convert those visitors into customers. Conversion rate optimisation is the process of gradually tweaking different elements of a website to effectively guide visitors into making contact with you.

Step 4. Enjoy a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Once you are ranking and have a good conversion rate, your business will generate leads even while you sleep. With the right keyword targeting, this consistent, reliable influx of customers can form the backbone of a business and much more.

Step 5. Improve Cash Flow

SEM can also generate leads for your most profitable areas - the sort of business that improves cash flow to enable growth, puts a new car on the drive or pays for that extra special family holiday.

Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

Tailored To You and Delivered Personally

What will work for you will vary depending on your business. That’s why Tiny Digital offers a variety of services that will be tailored to each client. You won’t find any package deals here, because SEO doesn’t work that way.

Long-Term Organic SEO

Organic internet marketing service

Creating a sustainable marketing strategy for your business takes time, requires a budget and some patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Fortunately it only takes 3 – 6 months to start seeing results from SEO, depending on your industry. You might also start to see some difference after the first couple of weeks if there isn’t much online competition or the competition has a poor online presence.

Local Search Strategy

Most online searches are for products and services nearby. Do you want to be the first solution they find or leave it to your competitors? Tiny Digital gets local businesses around the world found on search engines for local search terms. I can also offer advice on a complete online marketing strategy to get the most out of the website traffic generated.

Map Search Optimisation

When people search for local solutions to their problems, a visual representation of your location is very effective in getting them to choose your business. Getting your business listed in the Google Map Pack is also one of the easiest ways to get your website to the top of the search results. It is an important part of any local search strategy.

National and International SEO

If you offer services or products on a national level, Tiny Digital can get those services or products in front of people searching for them anywhere in the world.

Link Building

Links are the foundation of search engine rankings. Combined with effectively written website content a link building strategy will keep your rankings anchored at the top.

SEO Website Design

Your website represents your business and needs to reflect who you are and what you do. It also needs to be impressive while still being functional and easy to find. Tiny Digital creates websites with built-in SEO for the best chance to get your business generating automatic customers from the beginning.

SEO Content

Search engines like to display websites that have content they think users will like and find useful. I have reverse engineered leading websites in numerous industries and I know what search engines are looking for. Producing content for other websites is also a good way of building links.

My Location

I run my operation from Gateshead...

Though if you're based in Essex and want to work with someone local, we've heard good things about this seo freelancer near Chelmsford.