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SEO the right way

Growing Traffic and Increasing Sales by Building Links the Right Way

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • 'How can I get good quality links to my website?'
  • 'How can I avoid getting my site penalised?'
  • 'Is my content up to scratch and will people even link to it?'
  • 'Do I need to spend all day writing and emailing people to promote my content?'
  • 'Is there an easier way to build links?'

Then you're in the RIGHT place!

Scaling up a business that uses search engines for generating leads and sales is difficult.

There are so many moving parts and if you get it wrong your site gets penalised, rankings drop and one of your main sources of revenue disappears in an instant.

And there are so many SEO agencies offering the world if you'll only pay them but you've heard the horror stories and maybe even been burned before.

That's why I focus on doing SEO the right way and have happy clients in the US, UK and Canada using my service to grow their businesses online.

You can spend countless hours testing tools and strategies to do this in-house. You can spend thousands trying out big agencies that are focused on client turnover and stretched too thin to provide value or get results. You can hire freelancers that may or may not know what they're doing and put your site and your profits at risk. Or you can check out my transparent link building method and decide for yourself which way you should go.

SEO Consultant Benjamin J Church

Benjamin J Church

SEO Consultant

My Story

I started life as a professional musician before I even left university. Gigging, teaching and generally playing as much music as I could.

In 2010 I set up my first website.

Puzzled why it was impossible to find, I did a bit of research, made some changes and quickly got it to the top of Google.

One of my main sources of income quickly became people searching for guitar or singing lessons nearby.

Realising the power of what I'd learned, I invested thousands into furthering my education and testing it out before setting up Tiny Digital to offer my services to other businesses.

The more I learned, the more I realised how many people in my profession are taking shortcuts and even endangering their clients.

This is why I specialise in doing SEO the right way - by building high quality links at scale.

I still enjoy playing lots of music.

Meet the Team

seo consultant benjamin j church

Ben Church

SEO Consultant
SEO Analytics on a Mac

Mr M. B. Pro

Head of IT
Mug of Tea

Mug O'Tea


Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients increase their sales and revenue by building quality backlinks at scale.

How We Do It

We do this with a systematic approach to content management and outreach.

Every client gets my personal attention on their project. I set out the process to follow and ensure it's done properly. I always aim to make clients feel at ease with the work I am doing through providing complete transparency and sharing information.

Why We Do It

I want us to build long term relationships with clients who genuinely benefit from our help. No tricks or shortcuts, no misinformation and no risk to the online presence of our clients' websites.

Proper SEO is an investment in a sustainable marketing strategy and it’s important for business owners to know who is working on their business, what they are doing and what effect it’s having.

Who We Do It For

I have to set strict guidelines for selecting clients to work with as we can only work with so many. We always work with people we want to work with, people whose online presence will benefit from my help and people who are in a position to make the most of that benefit.

Your success is our success and vice versa. I see Tiny Digital as more of a marketing partner than anything else.

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