How to Double Your Law Firm's Revenue in Six Months
(Even If You Don't Have A Corporate Budget)

Slater Gordon's £4M/month Techniques

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say:

The legal industry is extremely competitive.

It's impossible to stand out among all the companies spending many millions between them to reach the same clients as you.

But what if I told you that's not true?

What if I told you that right now the opportunity exists to to cut through the noise and have clients coming to you regularly without any extra effort from you?

What would that mean for you and your firm? Could you open a new branch? Hire more solicitors? Invest in your infrastructure? Take a holiday on the back of a job well done?

Of course right now you're here reading this instead, probably thinking this sounds like a pipe dream and/or marketing spin that you've heard or even tried before...

Heard it all before?

I promise you this is different.

It's not just more of the same - this is the missing link you've been waiting for. If something hasn't worked for you before, this will help you see why. If your current digital marketing is going okay but could be better, this will take you to the next level. If you're starting with a blank slate, this is the definitive template to follow to get it right.

law firm digital marketing consultant Benjamin J ChurchThat's why I'm putting my name and face to it and staking my reputation on it. My name's Benjamin J Church - this is me:


I'm going to show you what works, what doesn't work and the evidence to back it up, including:

  • How Slater Gordon are generating at least £4M/month in revenue from organic search marketing;
  • What they should be doing to generate more;
  • The biggest opportunity in digital marketing in the legal industry right now and why it's only getting harder each day;
  • A big fat lie your competitors don't want you to know about;
  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake that Slater Gordon have made so you can get more clients;
  • How to consistently reach the maximum number of people who are highly motivated to sign.

Why am I showing you this?

Simple, really - by seeing what's involved (and how well we understand it) I'm hoping you might consider becoming our client so we can do it for you.

First things first, let's dive straight in and take a look at...

The Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunity in the Legal Industry Right Now

Soon I'll show you Slater Gordon's impressive results to the tune of £4M/month.


Their digital marketing is missing something vital and they are not alone in this.

Right now there exists an amazing opportunity to get (and stay) ahead of competitors who aren't taking action. It's the sort of opportunity that, done properly, can position a law firm to consistently generate clients for years to come.

I'm going to show you what this opportunity is by demonstrating how Slater Gordon are completely failing to capitalise on it...

How to Send All of Your Local Clients to Your Competitors

Take a look at these results for a Google search of 'personal injury solicitors' performed in a few different cities around the country:

In London:

personal injury solicitors london google my business

In Birmingham they show up but don't come across very well for it (who would you call?):

personal injury solicitors birmingham google my business results

In Manchester:

personal injury solicitors manchester google my business results

In Newcastle upon Tyne:

personal injury solicitors newcastle google my business results

You'll come to see that Slater Gordon have invested a lot of money and expertise into their digital marketing but are still falling drastically short in the single most important area.

They are either nowhere to be seen or wish they weren't.

I'm going to show you why they are underperforming, why it's such a colossal mistake and how to do much better.

Strangely enough, the key to both their success and their failure lies in...

The Big Fat Lie Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know About

This opportunity exists because of a big fat lie that's being pushed by one of the biggest and best known companies in the world.

But what is it, who are they and why would they do that?Man with long nose after lying

With the right tools this lie is easy to see, as I'll show you. The lie itself is this:

  • 'Make great content and let Google do the rest.'

You've heard something like that before, right?

Why is this such a popular line?

Simple - because it's Google's line and they are pushing it hard.

But here's the thing:

It's not true.

But because they are who they are, people follow it blindly.

I'm going to show you very quickly why you shouldn't be one of those people. It just takes a quick look at a few facts to make it clear...

Why Blindly Towing The Line Won't Bring in New Clients

What is Google's true motivation in telling people to ignore their search engine when creating content?

I'll give you a clue...

Cracked nest eggGoogle have made their money and their reputation by being better at organising online content than anyone else. The ease and accuracy of finding that content keeps users coming back so Google can keep charging advertisers to reach them.

That's why Google want sole responsibility for organising your content.

They don't want you or anyone else to have any influence on what they do.


Even Google don't have the manpower to police the entire internet.

So instead they set so-called 'best practice' guidelines that everyone is supposed to adhere to in order to benefit from Google's favour.

And millions of people follow those guidelines and millions of people fail. There are only ten places available on page one, after all.

Trusting Google implicitly is the single biggest reason I see for failure.

So should you go against Google and ignore everything they say?

No - that's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that there are certain things that even Google can't do anything about, no matter what they say. Being aware of these things will give you an edge.

I'm going to show you what they are.

But first let's see what ignoring this 'create it and they will come' approach can do...

How Ignoring the Lie Helps Slater Gordon Generate Over £4M Every Month

How Many Clients Can You Actually Reach Online?

Did you know that 87.9% of people in the UK use the internet?

If you're anything like me you're surprised it's that low and it will come as no great shock that it's growing as younger generations become increasingly tech savvy.

So there are a LOT of potential clients online:

In May 2017 Slater Gordon got 92,219 visitors to their website through organic search:Slater Gordon search traffic from SEM Rush

This traffic was worth around £1,150,000 in Adwords spend:Slater Gordon organic traffic from SEM Rush

They also bought 11,576 visitors for £160,000 through Adwords:Slater Gordon paid traffic cost

Without accessing their Google Analytics or sales data it's impossible to know how many of their 92,219 visitors picked up the phone or filled in a form and became a client, so we'll estimate...

Let's assume that Slater Gordon have good conversion rates of:

  • 6.46% of visitors becoming enquiries.
  • 30% of enquiries becoming clients.

That means:

  • 5957 enquiries/month
  • 1787 new clients/month

If each client is worth an average of £2,000 then they've generated £3,574,200 of revenue in one month from their organic search alone.

Add in Adwords and that's 2012 clients/month and £4,024,000 revenue every month.

Not too shabby, right?

So how do they do it?...

How Slater Gordon Reach Personal Injury Clients

When searching for the highly competitive term ‘personal injury’ Slater Gordon appear:

  • In an Adwords advert.
  • Second only to the Citizens Advice Bureau and outranking the Google Map Pack.
  • In the Google Map Pack for our location near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Slater Gordon personal injury google search rankings


In fact, Slater Gordon perform well for 937 ‘injury’ related keywords (which you can download as an Excel spreadsheet here) - a combination of keywords worth almost £2,000,000/month.

So it's safe to say that they are doing something right and I'm going to show you exactly what that is.


You've already seen that there's a gaping hole in what they're doing. Even though they're in a great position they are ignoring three very important facts...

The Three Tricks to Make Sure You Reach the Most Potential Clients

1) Reach The People Most Motivated To Become Clients

We've seen Slater Gordon perform well for a very competitive search of 'personal injury' - but what is someone that types that looking for?

A solicitor? Possibly.

Or information? Probably.

So a lot of people search this term but not many of them are ready to become a client because they aren't very far along the sales cycle yet:

However, someone who has searched 'personal injury solicitors' clearly has more buyer intent and is much more highly motivated to sign.

The intent behind the search is much more specific so:

  • Fewer people search for it
  • It's less competitive and easier to attain
  • A higher percentage of those people will actually become clients.

But it's also important to...

2) Reach As Many Local Prospects As Possible

Google treats legal service based searches with local intent. Wherever you search 'personal injury solicitors' you will see the listings of law firms nearby.

Competing with Slater Gordon on the broad 'personal injury' style keywords would be incredibly expensive and unlikely to yield a positive return (though when successful it would raise huge brand awareness).

But Slater Gordon and the majority of competitors have failed to properly maintain a presence for searches of 'personal injury solicitors [location]'.

With offices all over the country, this is a huge oversight and a big opportunity for those that recognise it, as long as you know how to...

3) Reach As Many Highly Motivated, Local Prospects As You Can

95% of all traffic goes to the unpaid organic rankings, which is what leads to most of Slater Gordon's online revenue.

(Incidentally, that's one of the main reasons we focus on providing SEO services)

Even though PI searches are worth over £2M/month, they are getting £1.2M worth of traffic because not all of those searchers will visit their site.

This study by Moz shows that 67.6% of traffic will visit the first 5 organic results:

Moz study on Google ranking click through rates

That means the traffic and revenue numbers we're seeing come down to the prominent positions they maintain in Google for high value, competitive keywords.

But that's not it...

Because with local search comes the Google Map Pack (aka Google My Business) listings.

These are given pride of place above the organic rankings - second only to paid ads they are a very powerful source of highly motivated, local prospects.

But with only three spaces available this is where Slater Gordon (and many other companies) are making huge mistakes and leaving the market wide open.

This is the biggest digital marketing opportunity in the legal industry right now and it's what I'll be concentrating on. By going more specific and local there is plenty of room to outperform even corporate competitors.

There's a lot to take in to prove that to you, so I've decided to deliver everything I've promised in a few sections so you've got some processing time. In the next part I'll cover:

  • Why this digital marketing opportunity is so big;
  • How Slater Gordon have got this so wrong;
  • How to avoid making the same huge mistake as Slater Gordon so you can capitalise on this opportunity;
  • A vital part of your digital marketing that can be automated;
  • Why other people's websites are the most important thing when it comes to you getting clients online.

But before we get to that it's really important to know...

Why This Opportunity is Going Away

How many of your competitors do you think know this? How many have read this page and how many will take action on it?

I can tell you that the average standard of this stuff right now is not good.

Even the above average ones don't get all of this right to catastrophic effect, as you'll see.

But this is changing.

It's changing slower in the UK than it is in the US, which is great because it means there are tried and tested strategies coming out of America that are at least 12 months ahead of what's going on here.

Far be it for me to generalise, but I think it may be true that our tendency towards being more reserved means fewer chances are taken which leaves gaping opportunities like this for those that act.

Having said that, a lot of what I'm about to show you is becoming better known, better appreciated and better implemented.

The more that competitors implement these things, the further ahead they will get and the more catching up there is to do. Every day it gets a little bit easier for those who take action and a little bit harder for those who don't.

That's why the best time to start was yesterday - otherwise today will have to do.

But what action?

Well, I'll show you next time - until then I hope this has proved helpful and thanks for reading!

Benjamin J Church

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I guess that such commitment must mean you're probably ready for the second part already, so here it is:

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