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Tiny Digital is run by freelance SEO consultant Ben Church near Newcastle upon Tyne. Ben offers various search marketing services to clients varying from keyword research to advanced link building strategies.

Professional SEM Guru

Expert SEO Consultant

Ben is a professional SEO consultant with real results in search engines.

Ben has been involved with SEO since 2010 when he accidentally found himself optimising a personal website. He has since gone on to create and rank websites for national ecommerce terms, local services and online education.

How Long Will it Take to Get to Page 1?

That depends on a few things. Some of the main considerations are:

How old is your domain? Domains that are under 6 months old take longer to rank than domains that are older that that. Generally speaking, the older the better!

How many links point to your websites? A link from another site is seen as a vote of confidence that reflects positively on your website.

Are the links high quality? Not all votes are created equal – a link from an established site like a newspaper such as The Guardian is significantly better than a link generated by a bot on a random gambling website.

Has your website been penalised? Google doesn’t like sites that it thinks are spam or that have too many keywords stuffed on it.

As a rough guide:

It takes 1-4 months for low to medium competition keywords to rank, sometimes less than 3.

It takes 3 – 6 months to rank high competition keywords, less if your website is already positioned on pages 2-4 in search results.

What to Expect From Tiny Digital’s SEO Guru

SEO Consultant Ben Church

Personal One-to-One Service

Ben prides himself on delivering one-to-one service in a way that large digital marketing agencies simply can’t. That means you get his personal attention on your project and

Website SEO Audit of Your Online Marketing

Any SEO campaign must start with seeing how well your site is currently optimised. There are usually technical issues that can be improved to help search engines find what they are looking for so they will display your site in results.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the search terms people use and are the foundation of SEO. It’s important to balance targeting keywords with lots of search volume and keywords that show intent to purchase.

Competitor Analysis

Researching why your competitors are ranking will help inform the SEO strategy you should take. This analysis includes examining their backlink profiles and website content.

On-Site SEO

After analysing your website and competitors, it’s time to optimise your pages using meta data and removing any duplicate content, canonicalising any URLs that need it and structuring your site effectively.

Off-Site SEO


Ensuring that any directory listings are accurate and written consistently without any spelling mistakes, typos or old addresses.

Link Building

Links are the single most important factor in ranking a website. Ben’s link building service will help build your link profile over time in a way that appears natural to search engines.

Content Strategy

Implement a blogging and guest blogging strategy to build authority and receive links from reputable websites to boost your rankings.

Why You Need SEO

Online advertising with web ranking

Your Competitors are Crushing You

If you aren’t on page one then you are losing lots of business to your competitors who are. That means that you are losing customers and profits to them and giving them the cash flow to build a bigger brand that will keep them on top.

Increased Targeted SEO Traffic

Your website will get a huge number of extra visitors every day when it is positioned on page 1. That means customers who are searching for your solution to their problem looking at your website every day. Tiny Digital can get you the traffic - all you need to do then is convert them into customers.

Return on Investment from SEO

Search engine optimisation offers one of the best returns on investment available. That’s because SEO costs roughly 2.2% the amount of PPC advertising and is a long term, sustainable strategy.

Brand Awareness and Authority through Rankings

Being on the first page of Google for competitive terms in your industry places you as an authority in that industry. That creates a powerful market position as your name becomes synonymous with certain search terms. For example, if you always show up for ‘carpet cleaning Newcastle’ then you gain a strong association with that service in that area, which can also lead to natural word of mouth marketing.

Sustainable Marketing through SEO

While it’s not possible to get to the top and just expect to stay there without any effort, once top rankings are achieved it’s possible to keep that position with some maintenance. Most importantly, that means that now you are receiving tons of targeted traffic you can shift your focus away from marketing your business and concentrate instead on delivering quality customer service, safe in the knowledge of where the next customer is coming from. This is why SEO is so powerful and why it provides such a great return on investment.

What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is someone who advises companies on their SEO requirements so they can take informed action.

How Do I Hire an SEO Consultant?

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