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Get a FREE, Tailored Video Report on Your SEO

Get a FREE, Tailored Video Report on Your SEO

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Free tailored advice in a 5-10 minute video.

  • No nonsense, usable SEO advice specifically tailored to you by someone with clients in competitive industries around the world.
  • I'll personally show you the top 3 things that you need to change to start attracting more customers online asap.
  • Only takes 5-10 minutes to watch.
  • No strings attached - there's no autoresponder attached to this (yet!). If I don't hear back I will follow up personally, once - maybe twice if I'm bored.
  • I am good at this and am literally #1 for 'SEO Newcastle' - search and see for yourself.
  • Ready in 1-3 working days depending on demand.
  • My wife will really appreciate me having someone else to talk to about SEO!

What People Say About My Video Audits...

What People Say About My Video Audits...

Video audit testimonial client



Clinic Owner

"That was awesome mate thanks."

Paul's email response to his video audit
Julia phones client


Marketing Director

"...it was really very useful..."

Julia's emailed response to my video audit

Who Even Are You Anyway?

My name is Benjamin J Church. I help businesses reach more customers online, leaving owners and marketing directors such as yourself free to focus on working on and improving the business.

I originally got involved in SEO almost by accident in 2010 and eventually launched Tiny Digital in 2016 to help other businesses benefit from what I'd learned. There are so many moving parts to SEO and so many agencies offering the world while being stretched too thin to provide results (or, to be honest, offering something they call SEO without much of an idea about what it actually is) that I realised there was plenty of room for a high quality, results driven service.

When not delving into marketing a website, I can usually be found playing the guitar, reading or running.

SEO Consultant Benjamin J Church

Me, Benjamin J Church (and my just-about-contained tuft), Tiny Digital