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Online search engine marketing


Get instant results with a pay per click advertising campaign. I will research the keywords you need to target and create a campaign around them including creating the full sales funnel: writing the adverts, designing the landing pages and creating the sales pages. I will then work to conversion optimise every step of the process, ensuring maximum return on your advertising budget.

Website Ranking

Get your website found in organic search results to create a long term, sustainable marketing strategy. It's so effective even the government is doing it.

I can consult on SEO to help you create and implement a DIY strategy to get you to the top of the search results. I also offer a done for you service that includes on-site and off-site optimisation, including keyword research, HTML optimisation, image optimisation and link building.

SEO Web Design

Get your website right from the start with my SEO website design service. You need your website to be visually appealing while representing who you are and what you do. You also need it to be functional, mobile-responsive and designed to convert visitors into prospects while still being easy to find online. Get all of that built in with my SEO web design service. Click here to find out more.

SEO Content Writing

Get content created for users that search engines love. I have reverse engineered content from top-ranking websites in different industries around the world. I know what search engines expect in certain industries and I know how to recreate it for you.

Why Search Engine Marketing is Important

Online Advertising with Website Ranking

Everyone Uses Search Engines

Running a business without using search engine marketing is like walking without opening your eyes. You can do it, but it won’t be nearly as effective. Most people are online and most people use search engines to look for a solution to their problems.

Search Targeting

Most people use search engines when looking to a solution to a problem. You can target people based on them searching for what you do.

Search Intent

You can target people based on the intent of their search. For example, different searches often indicate looking for information or being close to actually buying something. This can be used to create a sales funnel by influencing ad copy, landing pages and calls to action.

Create Legitimacy

A lot of people don’t consider a business ‘proper’ unless they can find it online. Even when searching for a brick and mortar business like a restaurant if it can’t be found online then in the eyes of consumers it’s not a serious business.

Build a Brand

Consistently getting your business in front of people for certain search terms associates your business with those search terms. This creates a position for your business in people’s minds based on those search terms, leading to lasting market share and word of mouth marketing.

Make More Money and Beat the Competition

Ultimately all of this comes down to one thing – you will make more money with effective search engine marketing. Without it, your competitors will instead.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

You can find out more about search marketing here. Alternatively, watch the no-nonsense video below!

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